Do remedies: what works of natural teeth whitening?

  There are a lot of information about natural teeth whitening remedies that you can get a mouth full of white, healthy-looking teeth from the comfort of your own home. Many such traditional whitening methods work very well, although they will require repeated application to achieve the maximum effect. It is also important to know how to use each of them, though, so you don 't  risk harming your teeth. In some cases, you can damage the enamel and cause cavities even if you used abrasive or acidic materials without proper care.

Here are some of the most popular natural whitening remedies which you might want to try:

Brushing with Baking Soda
Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is well known as a cleaning agent and deodorant. You probably know that you can buy toothpaste containing baking soda, but you can also mix half a tablespoon of regular toothpaste to the same natural teeth whitening. Alternatively, you can also mix baking soda with a little water and is applied directly to your toothbrush. Although brushing with baking soda won't whitening white, it gets rid of spots to help make your teeth shine. Sodium bicarbonate is sure to swallow, but it is important not to use it daily, because sodium bicarbonate is quite abrasive and can damage the enamel.

Another natural remedy that can help you whiten your teeth is the lemon juice. It is a natural bleaching properties of the brightness of the  your teeth when you brush your teeth or dental cream kaduvväikseks. Unfortunately, the lemon juice is quite acidic and potentially weaken the solution of citric acid in the lemon is made smoother by depleting essential calcium enamel and the underlying tooth enamel. Many dental experts recommend that you not using lemon juice because of all the teeth whitening tooth decay.


This is a little known natural teeth whitening home remedy that really works. Seems contradictory, because strawberries are red and can stain clothes. However this remedy has amazing effects that you have to experience to believe.

Use strawberries, rub the fruit of your teeth and then brush your teeth immediately afterwards. You can also mash fruit in a toothpaste like fabric and brush it over your teeth. Like lemon juice contains Strawberry an acid that makes the teeth. With sugar and Malic acid contained within the fruit, be sure to brush your teeth immediately after such examination, otherwise the acid could damage the enamel on your teeth.

Wood Ash

Before you purchase toothpaste, people used to clean teeth with ashes from the fireplace. Wood ashes, particularly from hard wood, contains potassium hydroxide (lye), which has a strong bleaching action, which gives you whiter teeth. You should be aware that potassium hydroxide is a harsh chemical that can cause damage to the teeth with frequent use, however.
Apple Cider vinegar

Apple Cider vinegar is also a natural another product famous as a teeth whitening solution is, and if you can find teeth whitening tips, he or she say Apple vinegar mentioned. Apple Cider vinegar can be mixed with a little baking soda, which will be enough to make a paste, and the paste can be used to brush their teeth. More liquid mixture can also be made of the two and gargle before brushing your teeth with toothpaste normal, as can keep stains from the enamel at Bay in this way.

Other tried and tested ways to get a brighter smile a natural cover Orange pith with frequent rubbing or brushing the ground almond page peel and salt, and chewing tobacco are plants such as Ayurvedic medicine headland SP., India followers if they're whiter teeth.
Important note: there are also some regular habits which should be maintained to make sure that your teeth naturally white remain. Brushing and flossing regularly are a must, and is a very good habit to brush off your teeth after each meal. Rinse completely out of the mouth is necessary after the consumption of potatoes, and apples, as well as after drinking coffee or wine. Avoiding colas, wine, coffee and smoking is always good for your dental health and there is an item over which one should avoid – fluorine. Many mouth rinses and mouth rinses make use of fluorine, but high exposure to fluoride and especially at a young age causes teeth discolor and stain. It is necessary to protect your teeth discolor avoid antibiotics of tetracycline during pregnancy and during the early years of childhood.

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