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 Most women do not have time Don much when you are ready for the day. They want a simple basic routine when it comes to how their makeup every day. What they can throw in and feel confident to face daily, but don't need to find a. Just put together and beautiful makeup you can use to make a different style, but the most basic function is to enhance. You want to look like you just a little better as natural-looking makeup. Personally like  "I'm not wearing any makeup I just wake up for this way" look.

There are a few essential parts that you need it, in particular, natural looking makeup look. They are as follows:

A good skin care. Hands down, this is the most important part of any wardrobe makeover. The better your skin less makeup you "need". We will discuss it in further depth in a future article.

Primer. He suggested a preliminary application, but everyone is indispensable for this step. All makes a difference as it settled the fabric of your skin, and helps keep your organization is wearing. However, it does not create all primers himself! Personal motives which suggested "Lauren ridinger mastering introductory face." I like it because it is free oil and a little goes a long way!

Her face base. Tinted cream; Foundation; Powder; What you want whatever your preference, something, which is also the skin and you give something to stay blush.

Concealer. For some areas that need a bit more coverage than your base given that under the eyes and anywhere you have blemishes or uneven pigmentation.

Blush. Cream or powder, whatever your preference. Cream tends to look more natural and is easy to apply with your fingers. You want a color that will look natural, as if you are released. Usually something that is a soft pink or Peach.

An eyelash curler. I encourage every woman to use an eyelash curler, unless you are one of the few lucky women that don't need one. But curling lashes open eye, making it look great and make you look more awake.

Initial criticism. This helps to condition lashes and keep them in the nutrition and health. This is necessary especially if you use mascara waterproof it can be very drying, which in turn could make the lashes more fragile and lead to further breakage.

Mascara. IT doesn't  ' t must be expensive, it just has to work. There are a lot of great drugstore brands. Personally I prefer the waterproof mascara but go with whatever you like.

Something the brows. Powder pencil, wax, gel, whatever you prefer. I personally use eye shadow, is slightly paler than my brows, but tonaly the same (MAC Omega) or Trish brow of a natural brunette Poker  accuracy. You don ' t want to go '  ', something that is too dark a color looks darker than it is, if the brows.

Natural-looking Lip color. Lip balm, lipstick, gloss, tinted you prefer. If you can, of course, is quite pigmented lips, go to the color, which is slightly deeper than the natural lip color. If you don ' t, go to something that it seems that it could be a natural lip color (perfect world). This is what we refer to  "your lips, but better"  "(ylbb for short). Lip balm lip-liner conference, which will coordinate the lip-lip color to use colours in person. Hydrates lips and helps Lip bam smoother glide LIP liner and lip-liner conferences to help you keep more professional users the wearing of a color.

Now that you have all your products/however, it's time to apply!  Once you've cleaned, toned, wet and sunscreened. Apply your primer whip first (this gives it time to dry, whereas apply your other products). Then apply your primer, base, concealer where needed and blush. Collects your Eyelash curler, based on your lashes and gently squeeze three times, then go to the middle of the lashes and repeat. This gives a more natural look curl. Then apply your mascara for only wigglying the best strikes wand horizontally across your eyelashes you strokes from the bottom up. This coat lashes evenly. Apply as you want, but remember, we're going for natural looking makeup, if you too much ink, it would defeat the purpose of this opinion. Next, fill in your eyebrows. Then apply your lip balm, and lip color liner, and you're done! With practice, the natural look looking makeup may take from 5 to 15 minutes.

I hope you have enjoyed my article and that was easy to follow.

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