Natural skin brightener – tips, course to facilitate skin, remove old stains & fade Freckle face up!

The most delicate skin, and a part of our bodies, and the use of harmful chemicals can be harmful techniques. Our view of life lasts up to natural methods. Everyone craves for less eye Fair and exhibit a variety of factors, such as spot, but aging, medications and stress due to exposure to the Sun, creates hyper-pigmentation and acne problems such as Melasma. You can easily be avoided by preventing the production of melanin, these are common problems.

There are various techniques for lightening the skin, but it is recommended that you know your skin type before issuing any measures. Human skin tone ranges from black and colourless, and everyone wants to Flaunt a bright appearance. Some people also take up the shortcut, such as surgery, which can be very harmful to your body. Also the use of bleaching agent such as hydroquinone can be dangerous. Hydroquinone is known for his effective bleaching properties and can also cause deadly diseases such as leukemia, thyroid problems and liver damage. FDA to prohibit its use. There are other ingredients, such as mercury and steroids, which are to be avoided.

Tips to lighten the skin naturally

* There are many homemade recipes for cleaning and moisturizing your appearance. You can easily mix rose water and sandalwood paste for inhibits the production of melanin from the comfort and the privacy of your home.

* Regular cleansing and hydration of your face is extremely important. You have to wash your face with cool water on a daily basis and avoid using SOAP.

* Application of sunscreen will prevent the rays of the Sun harsh. You can also use goggles to protect their eyes.

* Lemon juice and honey can be properly mixed for reducing freckles, age spots and hyper pigmentation.

* Hydroquinone is one of the most effective bleaching of ingredients, but to avoid its use. It causes different killer diseases, such as the thyroid, liver and leukemia.

* There are many nature extraction alternatives based on hydroquinone as Alpha arbutina, vitamin B3, lemon juice, acid Kojic, extract, mulberry and lactic acid that can easily reduce problems such as the hyper pigmentation, spots of age, freckles, sun damage, melasma, acne, birthmarks of old scars marks, dark elbows and etc. uneven skin tones. Meladerm is the only pigment reduces the cream containing the above ingredients. This ointment aims to reduce dark spots and discoloration of the skin in 2 weeks with ease.

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