What qualifies as a natural product of ecological?

Natural organic products? Today is the answer to a question that has been a little confusing, although organic products are natural, according to literally "." regulations on food is grown, all-processed and labeled "natural" conditions "natural" and "organic" mean three different things.
You, the consumer must be aware of the differences between the products labeled as "organic" and the other is called the "natural" organic food, healthy, and unadulterated foods to eat, but unfortunately many food companies are trying to trick you by labeling their products, with the words "natural or all-natural, so what do you think that this is so common that organic food, when in fact it is not.

I am told that the natural diet for you organic food is simply not healthy. Below is described, so that you know what makes organic or natural characteristics of the products.

The production of organic food:

* Are not used toxic pesticides
* Maintenance of soil fertility, crop rotation, fertilizers and improvement of crops, such as natural methods of composting and so on.
* Adjust soil analysis and nutrition has finished testing the quality of food and soil fertility
* The physical removal of surface soil management methods are used to ensure minimum corrosion
* Organic farmers that aims to preserve and protect the natural wildlife, vegetation and water system
* Organic farmers are the loss of many species
* No genetically modified grains are used
* Organic seed growers, collected plants, the protection of biological diversity.

You will notice that when you go food that most organic food has a label in what he says is a certified organic product ".  "every State has an agency that monitors and certifies organic food growers and producers.

Organic farm fields and processing plants and kept detailed records. Periodic testing of soil and water must meet strict standards.

Don t buy "any organic food if it is certified organic. If it is not certified, is likely to be unhealthy or carry disease.

Natural products, organic foods are similar in that they:

* Minimum use processed and contains no artificial preservatives or additives
The use of natural meat and sent as a common antibiotic without hormones or growth of complementary products.
* In most cases Do not use the product of genetics

It is not an independent organization by inspection, but differ from natural products, organic products. Though generally healthier than processed food products, there is no guarantee about the quality of health care for this. This is a very natural products is the main concern.

However there are some additional companies in the natural products test to make sure the quality of their products is equal to a few and far between that membership, but if a famous natural health often provide important information and results itrathotsob right on the label.

Whatever you do, Vantage to buy in the "all natural" statement. It is simply a gap in the loop, the major food producers found trying to lure you to their normal (very unhealthy, processed food) is the natural, when it is not. It is hardly natural about this and there isn ' t any regulation as to what this term means, so that they can be placed on almost anything.

A product that claims to read "ingredients entirely natural to pick" and see how "all-natural" really is.

It is surprising that food companies can play with our health as it is. The average consumer does not know the difference between the natural, "" Sun "and" natural "organic".

Thus, ridiculous as it sounds there really is no such thing as organic loodussaaduse because "" and "organic" has different meanings. If you do not know why we need so much confusion in this matter, thanks so much for just the big food companies, who manipulated the sentences and consumers so that they can make more money, organic bandwagon jumping.

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  1. Quality is now indeed thing for all people because every person are aware that which foods are good or bad. I am really curious for organic foods and i ever finds quality organic foods in my town.

    kenlymike says:

    Natural organic products is sounds different to hear for new generation. They are just taking unhealthy foods and ignoring this kinds of food.
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